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Can the Internet Really Break?

14 Nov 2014 | By Tim Mworia | @timworia

kim kardashian break internet really

It’s been the story of the week. Kim Kardashian and her super-talented, ‘internet breaking’ rear ends. And while Paper - the magazine behind the nude spreads - might have had the web talking, the tagline was definitely a red herring. Kim’s badonkadonk (as she would refer to it) can break a rickety chair now and then but definitely not the internet. The most it can achieve is maybe some downtime on the host website or on a one-off, Twitter.

It does sound an ominous prospect but there are actual ways the internet can literally break. The Guardian already pointed out in an August article that we can blame sharks... and Netflix. Netflix for gobbling up internet data storage and sharks for nibbling on underwater cables that keep the world connected (the science behind it being that they are attracted to the magenetic field of the cables and bite on them thinking they are fish!).

If the film Transcendence carries any factual realities in it, then Johnny Depp can also break the internet by uploading his consciousness into the web and push us to create a deadly virus that would take him out leading to an eventual global technology blackout. That does sounds a bit fantastical and too 2060, so if you would like to kill the internet and don’t feel like waiting another 45 years, I’d advice you go straight for the Domain Name System. The DNS is an essential component of the functionality of the internet, so if you somehow found a way to subvert it, then it’s hasta la vista baby.

Finally, apart from unforeseen technical failures and destructive technological advancements another very basic factor has the potential to break the internet - the law. I don’t know too much about it, but I do know the law is an ass. One can never underestimate the power and influence of lawyers, judges and law-making politicians. They might just wake up one day and throw super-injunctions against using the web. And the internet will be legally kaput!

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