Mount Kenya Trust (MKT) is appealing to Kenyans of goodwill to materially support their conservation efforts to save the Mount Kenya forest.  And on the heels of World Water Day no less!
A vital water tower that  provides ecosystem services to millions of people in Kenya is under threat from fires that started in February. Mount Kenya Trust, Rhino Ark, the Kenya Wildlife Service, the Kenya Forest Service and the communities adjacent to the fires have been battling fires in the northern Aberdares and on Mount Kenya. An incredible job has been done of keeping the fires under control but a lot more still needs to be done.
There are fears that as the fire rages on, its impact could be catastrophic and irreversible. It is already dangerously close to the forest edge and in some areas the forest is starting to catch along with the bamboo habitats. 
Unfortunately, it is too late to put in firebreaks, and the scale of the fire is making it difficult to control. But all is not lost; The Mount Kenya Trust (MKT) along with many local and international partners, are doing what they can to regain control, working with the Kenyan government and local communities around the clock. 
With the support of Tropic Air and Kenya Forest Service, helicopters have been dropping water on the fire, but funding and resources are running out.
Please click here to donate whatever you can. 

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