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Turbo Tuesday: Boda Boda Life

05 Jan 2016 | By Rowland K. Ng'eno

boda boda life in kenya
It began in Western region of Kenya when people were being ferried from the Kenyan border to the Ugandan border. Initial the means of transport was a bicycle, commonly known as black mamba. Due to the need of transportation in the area it grew not only in the border region and moved to other parts of Western Kenya. That is how the boda boda came to life.
Ugandans saw this and also implemented the means of transport in their country. It moved to the capital Kampala. While in Kampala, bicycles seemed slow and people started using motorcycles which is a quicker option. It had started being common in West Africa. With this some people started using the motorcycles in western Kenya which eventually reached all corners of the country.

uganda boda

Over the past few years, boda boda transport has reached countrywide and has taken over the continent. People have preferred it due to the fact you reach your destination faster. It is practically similar to a taxi but cheaper and faster. 
In Nairobi after every stop, there normally a couple of riders waiting for the next customer. They have become very convenient that at every neighborhood they are there to ferry those who will need the help to reach their destinations, there can take you where most vehicles cannot reach. For those who live in unsafe areas, use it when it is late at night.
They are normally best when taking short trips, some have taken it to be their personal chauffeur and carry them wherever they need to go. 

But now some have become notorious of theft in the CBD are and outskirts. A lot of images and witness have seen some of the riders are part of gangs and use them as their getaway bikes. It has given them a bad reputation that the government has put up laws not in their favor plus some users have opted for other options. These laws can put both the passenger and rider in prison if caught not following them. Due to the increase of the bikes on the streets, they have been banned in the CBD.

Since the use of motorcycles as boda boda, the amount accidents has tremendously increased that in Kenyatta National Hospital has put up a ward specific to those accidents. Like a few weeks ago I witnessed an accident along Haile Selassie Avenue with a matatu and a motorcycle, the passenger and rider on the bike flew to the air, this gave me chills and I may also give it a minute before I jump into a bike.

Whether you love them or not, motorcycles have always been a means of transport. But trusting a random person you may have never met and may never see them again to transport you to a certain destination is something to think about. Traffic in Nairobi has become outrageous, the car is not a luxury anymore but a necessity and most prefer driving themselves, hence the traffic. To prevent yourself from being caught up in the traffic you would rather use two wheels.  Even the Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko beat the traffic by using boda boda, showing Nairobians the many ways of transport one can use.

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