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5 Rupu Deals Best For The Cold Weather

06 Sep 2016 | By Florence Githinji

Best For The Cold Weather Deals

The weather just won’t let you throw on a sexy outfit or spread out on your couch. Don’t let it kill your vibe. Warm up with these timely offers from deals website Rupu.

Snuggie Fleece Blanket
Best For The Cold Weather Deals
Stay warm while reading your favourite book or watching the latest season of Narcos. This snuggie fleece blanket allows you to cozy up, keeping you comfortably warm. It has long sleeves which ensure that your whole body is well covered and its pockets allow you to fully cover your hands.

Silver Mika Heater
Best For The Cold Weather Deals
This heater will keep you warm even on the coldest of days. It comes with a carbon fibre heating element that distributes heat evenly and further away and it’s quiet so no annoying noises while you sleep. It’s a great way to keep your home warm and toasty through this weather.

Duvets and Duvet Covers
5 Rupu Deals Best For The Cold Weather
In addition to adding an exciting splash of color to the bedroom, quality duvet and covers are indispensable for keeping you warm through the chilly nights. Rupu has a wide variety of duvets, duvet covers, mattress protectors, pillows and more to add colour to spiff up your bed while warmly complementing your bedroom.

Cozy Electric Under Blanket
5 Rupu Deals Best For The Cold Weather
For some of us, no amount of bedding will keep us warm. This awesome blanket is the secret to a warm, cozy sleep during those freezing nights. It comes with rapid heat function which will get you from shivering to cushy within just seconds.

Leather Boots
5 Rupu Deals Best For The Cold Weather
Keep your feet warm and acquire a more polished look with this discount voucher on one pair of Harding ankle leather boots from Wide Shoe Collection. It comes with a patented contoured footbed with superior arch and heel support to keep you comfortable all day long.

Don’t let the cold weather get the best of you. Find these and many more deals to keep you warm on Rupu.

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