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Ever Wondered What The Most Detailed Photo Ever Taken Looks Like?

27 Mar 2017 | By Tim Mworia | @timworia

Bentley Gigapixel Photo In Dubai

Hide your flimsy phone camera now, because Bentley Motors have unveiled the world’s most detailed landscape image — ever!

With the help of NASA technology, the luxury car manufacturer captured a Gigapixel image featuring their new Bentley Flying Spur W12 S dwarfed by the towering skyscrapers of Dubai Marina. If you’re wondering what a Gigapixel image is, it is a digital image bitmap composed of one billion pixels. Or to put it into perspective, 1,000 times the information captured by a 1 megapixel digital camera.

Picture that, then make it 57 times bigger. Because this particular image is an incredible 57.7 billion pixels. This ensures that the image maintains its impressive sharp focus when you zoom in and out, offering crystal clear views of the scenic city panorama all the way down to the famous Bentley badge that ornaments the hood of the car.

It took 48 hours for the image to be captured from 264 metres up the Cayan Tower, which is one of world’s tallest high-rise buildings. It took an extra 18 hours to download. Have your fun with the image here.

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