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And the Oscar goes to… Lupita Nyong’o!

28 Feb 2014 | By Lizbeth Kariuki

And the winner is… Lupita Nyong’o! As the first Kenyan to bring home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, we couldn’t be prouder of Lupita.

Keeping in mind there are several well-known, talented American actors and actresses that have never received an Academy Award, this win says a lot of Lupita’s potential. That 12 Year’s a Slave was her breakout role makes it a more amazing feat.

Lupita was cast in the role of Patsey just before she graduated from Yale School of Drama, and the kind of accolades she has already received from her role, and now the Oscar means she has cemented her career in acting within Hollywood.

“Kenyan Hollywood ‘it’ girl Lupita gave an award-winning performance on this incredible true story and without a doubt; this made her Kenya’s biggest export!” commented Eva Njoki on her KenyaBuzz review of 12 Years a Slave.

Apart from her new film Non-Stop, where she acts alongside Liam Neeson, Lupita has no other films coming out this year. Though, with this win her star power and demand has surely risen, so we can expect plenty from her going forward. She has an incredibly bright future ahead.

By Lizbeth Kariuki | @NthanzeK

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