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Shouldn’t African Leaders Get Treatment In Their Countries?

22 Aug 2016 | By The Weatherman

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"Ruto off to SA for treatment on nose", the headline in the Daily Nation read. Apparently, the Bomet Governor, Isaac Ruto has left for South africa following an injury he sustained during a melee in in his home county. Not too long ago, another article was published by a local newspaper about Kenya‘s former President Mwai Kibaki having fallen and seeking further treatment in South Africa.

Now while I completely empathize with the these chaps for not feeling too well, I do feel responsible to note the fact that the former KENYAN President is going to SOUTH AFRICA to get treatment.

Doesn’t that seem completely off? Why do African leaders feel the need to travel aboard to other countries when they get ill? Don’t they believe in their own healthcare systems?OR are such acts a symbol that they’re simply not working on the healthcare in their own countries and that politicians simply give their people shitty healthcare services?

I mean, look at a few years back when Anyang' Nyong’o was the then Minister of Health and yet, he went to get treated abroad when he happend to have cancer.The late Mama Lucy Kibaki also got treatment abroad, but unfortunately passed away.

We’ve heard of numerous and numerous stories about politicians who end up getting treatment abroad for ailments that well, could have easily been treated right here at home!

And once again, while I do empathize with these leaders and their families when they get sick, c’mon, they need to start checking on their Google maps to chart out a local hospital in their area. Not to map out the fastest route to JKIA. Because you know what, African leaders need to die in their own countries. Just like their people do.

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