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Ladies, Here’s Why You Should Be Careful About Soap Operas

21 Mar 2017 | By Mary Njehia

A Soap Opera Cautionary Tale

So you’ve been convinced to give soap operas a real go after our chat last week. You’re starting to fall in love with the unbelievably beautiful people in them, their runway outfits and homes that look like they are straight out of a glossy catalog. You let out a warm sigh every time the words “my love” are uttered, and get swept off your feet by every grand romantic gesture. You are practically living in a soap opera.

These are the trappings of soapies. And it’s easy to fall for them when you’re a regular watcher. While we wallow in their gooey sentimentality, we still need to understand that there’s a disconnect between our reality and that of the soaps. Copying everything we see in soaps may not augur well with us.

For instance, we can all agree that openly showing affection is foreign to Kenyans. Just like we don’t go around biting people after watching the Vampire Diaries, we also shouldn’t expect midnight serenades or horseback riding picnics. For one, there are like half a dozen things that could go wrong…

A Soap Opera Cautionary Tale

Let’s take a classic case of a simple candlelit dinner. One candle just won’t cut it with the “mood”, so you’ll probably need at least a dozen. What could possibly go wrong? Imagine you are reaching over the table to pick up a piece of Ugali and your flared chiffon blouse accidentally brushes on one of the candles and catches fire! Your partner would probably panic and reach for the liquid closest to him; it’s not water but rather the flammable cheap wine he brought that you had just a few minutes ago so generously poured into your tall tumblers. Now you are really lit. Not in the hip sense of the word, but literally!

Now that’s of course a bit of fun and games, but the moral of this unfortunate scenario is that as much as we love soaps and have let them become a part of our daily lives, let us not forget that we are Kenyans, with our own Kenyan-ness. While the show is on, let’s laugh and cry, get angry or gush after each romantic gesture; but please ladies, let’s leave all that behind as the closing credits roll.
Mary Njehia is an ardent watcher of soap operas and telenovelas.
She runs Kenya Meets The Philippines, a blog for Kenyans who love Filipino entertainment.

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