From my first article you pretty much got my thoughts about this. In short, I loved the idea and couldn't wait for the event. Question is, did I have the same thoughts after my attendance?
From the press launch, the event organizers promised to "wow" us with the venue. It was a secret location and is not revealed to guests till the day of the event. I had so many guesses with my most confident one being The Arboretum, since it had to be a public space. This was the second edition and from last year's photos, I loved the idea of the open space at night.

The organizers should have also promised to surprise the guests because I certainly was. The secret location was the Garden City Village. With the rains, I was certainly happy to not be sinking in mud with my all white attire and stilettos, but I'm still trying to figure out if I was actually 'wowed' with the choice of location.
If you think Kenyans cannot follow rules then please sign up for next year's edition. Everyone was in white, even the photographers! It was the picture of a movie scene. I have attended all-white parties before, but there was just something unique about Le Dîner en Blanc. The crowd was one that I was really happy to be a part of.
Part of the experience is bringing your own food, wine and dishes. I know, some people found setting up your own table and bringing your own dishes exciting. Personally, I didn't. I found it a bit hectic. And if the night was going to end up how I thought it would, I knew my dishes would end up broken or lost because I would not be in a position to carry them back.
People really stepped up to my expectations. Not only from the fashion, but even the fine dinnerware that were setup. DJ Protege was the deejay of the night and he absolutely killed it! It was a mixed crowd with locals and visitors, for him to be able to please us all and keep us dancing the whole time, it says a lot. I liked him as a deejay before, but now I love him!

The chosen performer of the night was Dela. I have to be honest and confess that I only knew like a song or two of hers. But my gosh, she has a beautiful voice. She is a true performer! Not the lip-syncing, one-song-performance kind of entertainer. The crowd was smaller than I thought though. 600 people were expected but I estimated about half the people were in attendance.

All in all, I think it was an absolutely fantastic event. The crowd was just lively and friendly, decor was simple yet eye-catching, music was amazing... I had a blast. Count me in for next year's edition!

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