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Stressed Out? These 6 Tips Will Leave You Feeling Better

17 Aug 2016 | By Lisa Mugera


| Try making your bed
Because this is the best way to start your morning. It shows that you have a great mind-set about the day ahead and that you’re prepared for anything that may come your way.

| Go for a quick walk
Even if it’s just for about 5 minutes. The short stroll will let you breathe in some fresh air and relax your body.

| Call up a close friend
And ask them how their day is going. The best way to help you get rid of your problems is by helping others sort out theirs’.

| Write yourself a letter
Sounds pretty corny, but this could probably be the best thing you can ever do to yourself. Not only will writing yourself a letter make you feel better, it will also remind you that you’re a really great person!

| Try to dance it out
Feels good when you dance, right? So pump up the volume to your fav song and sweat out all that stress.

| And how about a hot drink?
A cup of tea is always the best to calm your nerves down and give you that ‘aahh’ feeling.

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