From nostalgic memories, exceptional storytelling, to dance queens capturing the attention of graphic artists, the last few months have seen the video scene get more creative.
Here are some of the hottest videos dropped this season;


Tuheshimu Ndoa - Stivo Simple Boy

Stivo Simple Boy's Tuheshimu Ndoa is trending. Things started looking good for the artist after his single Mihadarati became one of the biggest songs of 2019 years after it was released. The musician has been making strides ever since giving his fans hits back to back. Here is why Tuheshimu Ndoa by Stivo Simple boy is trending.
Stivo also won the best male artist award for 2019 something that hit headlines with the likes of Khalighraph congratulating the singer. The song urges married couples to stay faithful. Kenyans have been sharing the song all over social media, making memes and yes it's among the trending songs in Kenya.


Taniua - Bahati & Boondocks Gang

The concept for this song is around a guy that is trying to reevaluate his life, torn between Christianity and the worldly fun. For one I give credit for the team up despite knowing that this would spark a conversation among Kenyans. Furthermore, I believe Bahati knew this would be good for business. Especially after the drama, he has had lately. The lyrics are quite hard to understand for those that struggle with the Kenyan sheng. Yes, the idea was well put but too difficult for some people. But anyway here it is.


Instagram Girls - Khaligraph Jones

The track entitled 'Instagram Girls' is OG's newest song yet. He is talking about Instagram slay queens who DMs rich men, go to their houses only top steal money. I feel some pity for Instagram slay queens who pose as models. Not so long ago, Sauti Sol mentioned them in their song Suzzana, and a few weeks later OG is also complaining.


Suzanna - Sauti Sol

Trust Sauti Sol to never disappoint you with their lyrics. Bien starts off with his sweet melodious voice, dissing Suzanna about changing her skin color, growing her hair and posting her sponsor on social media. This to me reflects what we see on Instagram every single day, how many girls have declared their love for older men. How many girls have changed their skin colors just to be liked by other people.


Gere - Tanasha Donna X Diamond Platnumz

The song basically talks about their relationship and the criticism they've received from the start. Diamond says, "Mama kasema mwana nishapata nitulie." indicating that Tanasha has approval from Mama Dangote. The chorus says, "Wanaona gere." which basically means they're jealous. Evidently, Tanasha and Diamond's relationship has been the center of scrutiny from the public with many speculating on their breakup. The two have clearly shut down the rumours in this song.

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