Cadbury Unveils a New Consumer Marketing Campaign at Radisson Blu

Cadbury Unveils a New Consumer Marketing Campaign at Raddison Blu

Cadbury Kenya Limited “The Martian invasion” at Radisson Blu, unwrapped a new campaign where they have Martians representing different flavoured chocolate, keeping in mind no flavour taste has changed, the chocolate tastes the same.

This engaging marketing campaign is to connect with consumers and engaging consumers of different generation both young and old, to make them unwrap the joy inside them. The reason their chocolates are creamier and tastier is that they have always had more milk, which is a “glass and a half full of milk”. 

The new Cadbury chocolate different flavours are characterised with an individual Martial to represent a unique character and personality, they spread the joy through their quaky personality and infectious dance moves.

The commercial video advert escalates with an astronaut leaving a planet and forgets a chocolate bar, one of the Martians finds it and tastes it, this gives him a tingly sensation that makes his antenna light up and results to him dancing, then he shares with everyone and they all dance to the new sensation.

The taste is quite infectious! So go on and get your sweet tooth a treat.

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