‘Meat Me On Mondays’ Review

‘Meat Me On Mondays’ Review

With the rains dampening my spirit, I needed a pick-me-up evening. Ole-Sereni’s ‘Meat Me Mondays’ sounded like just the right plan. As the name suggests, there’s a lot of meat involved. Basically, you’re given this beautiful platter of meat to completely devour.

I have to admit that it is actually more than it looks. We were a group of four and were absolutely positive that the platter wouldn’t be a match for us. Surprise, surprise, that food comma moment came and one more bite was impossible.

The platter comes with a variety of lamb chops, fillet steak, honey-glazed beef, rib-eye, mshkaki, sausages, onion rings, a side pot of French fries and vegetables, and three sauces. All that is accompanied with dessert and drinks at a total cost of Ksh 18,500.

‘Meat Me On Mondays’ Review

We kicked things off with the regular starter options of soup or salad. The mushroom soup was absolutely divine. Just the presentation alone was amazing. It’s the platter and how some of the meat was prepared that I had a problem with. The rib-eye was slightly dry but still really good. The fillet steak did not have any flavor. I did however like the honey-glazed beef and mshkaki. They were just how I like my meat; soft, succulent and full of flavor. The Caesar salad was average. A bit of citrus zest would have amped up the flavor.

‘Meat Me On Mondays’ Review dessert

The dessert speaks for itself. Fresh strawberries with an option of three dips: Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. The perfect way to cool off my meat-filled tummy.

Let’s all bear in mind that this was the first time they are trying this offer and I was (willingly and happily) their guinea pig. I simply loved how open the chef was. Most chefs you make a critique of their food tend to write the rage and disappointment on their face. With this one, you could tell he really valued our opinion. He even said he noticed the rib-eye was dry and he will surely ensure that never happens again. There you go, everything will be perfect next Monday.

‘Meat Me On Mondays’ Review wine

This is an offer I would love to explore further. My verdict is that the price be lowered to Ksh 15,000. At a cost of Ksh 2,500 each, the platter can easily be split between six people. For a starter, a generous platter of meat, dessert and a drink, that’s an amazing offer to try out with a group of buddies or colleagues.

Meat Me Mondays at Ole-Sereni is definitely the perfect way to end the Monday blues.

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