‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’ Review – Terror Comes To TV

Cuba Gooding Jr /via FX

If you’re a cult follower of American Horror Story like I am, you will remember how show-runner Ryan Murphy decided to keep everyone in the dark about the theme of the sixth season of his hit series. FX even went as far as to make a bunch of ‘fake’ trailers to throw everyone who was speculating possible storylines off balance. The long wait was well worth it though. 

After the show premiered, it was revealed that the subtitle would be ‘My Roanoke Nightmare’. The filming format this season took on a re-enactment scenario, like something you would watch on Discovery ID or the Crime and Investigation channel. It was weird and different which made it very interesting to watch. 

Lady Gaga as 'The Witch of The Woods' /via FX

The plot-line this season centered around Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr./ Andre Holland) and Shelby (Sarah Paulson/ Lily Rabe) , a couple from Los Angeles, who leave the city and move into a mysterious house in North Carolina, where weird things start to happen. Sounds a little cliché but it gets better, I promise.

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The couple goes digging for the house’s history and find out that it stands on haunted grounds. The house and its surrounding are claimed by spirits of an ‘old-world’ cult, with Kathy Bates playing their leader, The Butcher. She will kill anyone who ‘stains’ the sanctity of her land. 

Kathy Bates as 'The Butcher' /via FX

Aside from psychotic, murderous spirits, the grounds are also home to an incestuous, cannibalistic family, who have managed to stay safe from The Butcher’s wrath by performing human sacrifices. Intense right? 

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This season of AHS was way better than the last two to be honest, and the cliché seeming plotline should not in any way turn you away from watching it. It’s full of surprises, jump scares and deaths of the main actors. It’s definitely a must watch, and the best thing about AHS is you can literally start watching it from any season because they’re all different storylines. 
So go ahead and binge this season, but beware of Sarah Paulson’s atrocious British accent!!! 

Star Rating: 9.5/10

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