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20 Hilarious Nadia Favre Tweets That Will Make You LOL

09 Aug 2016 | By Levis Ryan

Alisha Rajan with Nadia Favre via thestar.co.ke 

ICYMI, Nadia Favre is like the coolest presenter on radio. She's politically incorrect and we love her for that. Naturally, her 'weird' persona transcends to Twitter.

1. That time she preached the true gospel

2. That time she was all of us

3. That time she had real life problems

4. That time she was low-key savage

5. That time she was proud to be a total mess

6. That time she completely roasted herself

7. That time she was empathetic

8.That time she had the coolest boss ever

9. That time she wasn't about the role model life

10. That time she was literally everyone that has a 9-5 job

11. That time she realized what her career really was

12. That time she reassured us that she was OK

13. That time she didn't care for the haters

14. That time she was all of us. AGAIN.

15. That time she was the girliest girl EVER

16. That time she was in a REAL pickle

17. That time she was brutally honest

18. That time she couldn't deal with adulting

19. That time she called us out

20. And then gave us an ultimatum

We love you Nadia. NEVER change!

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