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10 Things You’ll Relate to If You Grew Up in a Kenyan Household

16 Jun 2016 | By Lisa Mugera


1. ‘Chapati day’ was a special day. Dare you hang around the kitchen cos of the chapati-aroma wafting in the air! You had to wait till super to have a taste.

2. ‘Kutandika vitambaa’ or rather, dressing the sofas in matching crotchet materials was a daily phenomenon.

3. Having a wall-unit in your siting room. It housed the TV, the VCD, and the immaculately - arranged cutlery.

4. Speaking of cutlery, the best and most expensive ones were used only during ‘special occasions’ such as Christmas or birthdays.

5. Having ‘Sunday best’ outfits for church and again, special occasions. You were never allowed to wear these clothes on a normal day.

6. Setting a specific day to have studio photo-shoot as a family. Back then there was no need for make-up artists and stylists. All you needed to do was to take a shower, comb your hair and put on some clean clothes.

7. Family-day-out was a trip to Uhuru Park, mandazi with a fanta orange and if you were lucky, Luna Park for some merry-go-riding.

8. Your mum beating you was a norm. She would then insist that she wasn’t beating you. She was instead, ‘beating the mistake out of you’.

9. Playing games with the kids from the hood like ‘brikicho’, ‘cha mama’, ‘hopscotch’, ‘shake’, ‘blada’, bike riding, skinny dipping and ‘bano’.

10. Again, getting a thorough beating for eating the neighbours’ food without permission and hence not having tummy space ‘accommodate’ your own mother’s food.

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