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Healthy Ostrich Chicks, Hatching Eggs and Feathers for Sale at Cheap Rates

We are professional worldwide providers of live ostrich, fertile ostrich eggs, and all needed incubation and hatching equipment.

Persian Kittens Ready as Easter Gift for Your Family

Persian Kittens ready to get a good home

Japanese Spitz Puppy for Sale

White and black Japanese Spitz puppy for sale. It's a female and is 15 days old. Very healthy. Starting price is Ksh 28,000 with vaccination included.

Ostrich Chicks, Eggs and Feathers for Sale

We have have 30 years of experience in Ostrich farming and products .We sell in bulk ostrich eggs, ostrich chicks, adult ostrich birds, ostrich feathers and shell for decoration.

Fertile Ostrich, Emu Chicks and Emu Eggs for Sale

Besides selling Ostrich chicks, we also sell ostrich hatching eggs for those of you that want to incubate and hatch your own ostriches on your farm. Ostrich and emu hatching eggs for sale are of the highest quality!

Kind Gentle Home Desperately Wanted for 2 Lovely Golden Retrievers

Kind gentle home desperately wanted for two lovely 20 year old Golden Retriever sisters, Emma and Bella to spend their last days.
  • 16 May 2014

Tornjak puppies from Bosnia‐Herzegovina for sale

New purebred breed of dog in Kenya. Four female puppies from fully pedigreed parents from different, non-related lines and kennels are available for purchase.

Puppies for sale

Beautiful pups looking for loving homes. Mother is a Labrador/Rottweiler and father is a Boerboel/Great Dane.
  • 01 Oct 2013

Papillon puppy for sale

Papillon puppy, great color combination white and black, 2months old, fully vaccinated and dewormed.

German Shephard puppy for sale

German shephard puppy, 2months old , fully vaccinated and dewormed.

Beautiful Family/Guard Dogs looking for loving home

Kadogo is a 6 year old neutered German Shepherd. He's an amazingly gentle dog and is fantastic with children. He’s lived with 2 and 4 year old children and is ...
  • 09 May 2011

Japanesse Spitz 4 sale

beautiful, male Japanese Spitz for sale, 3 year old male fully vaccinated

dog training

i offer dog training services in the following areas -obedience skills for 21 days -food refusal for 21 days(included in the obedience classes) -protection for 21 days(after compulsory obedience classes) ...
  • 16 Feb 2011
  • 500 per day